Paddy to Plate Launch Party
Monday, May 30, 2016 at 4:32AM
Proximity Designs

The Paddy to Plate report is now available for free download here. You can also find our previous human-centered design research on rural smallholders' financial behaviors: Afford Two, Eat One.


Paddy to Plate dives deep into Myanmar rice production to understand how the industry has transformed with recent changes. Building on more than a decade of personal connections with farmers, Proximity Designs has partnered with design firm Studio D Radiodurans to bring these insights to the public.

Rice has been the backbone of the economy and a staple of the Myanmar diet throughout its troubled history—that’s why we think it’s so vital to rejuvenate and empower its players. This study comes at a critical point in Myanmar’s development, when 3G smartphones are used alongside ancient agricultural techniques, and climate-conscious villagers are using solar power to leapfrog the grid entirely. While this unique working environment presents unforeseen challenges, our human-centered design approach helps reveal opportunities to resolve them. 

We want to share our experience in this field, and show the world the long and difficult journey behind each grain of rice—as well as the faces and stories of its proud producers. With important implications from the grower through to the consumer, Paddy to Plate is sure to reveal opportunities in an industry poised to power rural economic growth. So join us tomorrow, and dig in!

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