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    We're looking

    Proximity is hiring! Check out the brand new opportunities we have below, and have a gander at some of the older ones, and some info on what it's like to work at Proximity, over on our website:

    For more information please contact


    1000 Words: Products that transform and delight

    In 3 days we'll launch Season 9, our 9th year of serving rural families with products and services that increase incomes and productivity. Currently all of our field staff are in Yangon learning all about the new products we're offering this year, and next week they'll head back to their areas to start selling. 


    YANGON: Yetagon @ Shwedagon

    This month, Myanmar's most famous monument, the Shwedagon Pagoda, hit the big 2600.

    Faced with thousands of flowers to keep watered for the celebration, the grounds committee approached our drip team for advice. We obliged, and when we went along to the party, we found our lovely Yetagon banner floating amidst all the "coffeemix" balloons.