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    THE UNIVERSE: Gravity Vs. Drudgery



    Drip irrigation is a game changer. When our farmers see it for the first time they are incredulous, and with fair reason. With drip installed on a plot about 4 acres in size, daily labour can be reduced from 6-9 hours of lugging water in sprinkler cans, to 30 minutes of treadling a pump, and 15 seconds spent turning on a tap. Crops are healthier, yields are bigger, less water is wasted, and farmers are happier. 

    A product so good, surely it should have been thought up sooner?

    Well, the truth is, it had been. The benefits of drip irrigation have been well documented and enjoyed for over 100 years in the Middle East, America and Europe.

    So, why didn't it reach Myanmar earlier?

    Well, drip is normally powered by a mechanised pump, something few rural families in Myanmar have the capital to buy. To make this life-changing technology accessible to our extremely price sensitive market we began looking for a cheaper alternative. And then it hit us...just like that apple fell out of the tree and hit Newton.

    Check out the video.       


    MYANMAR: Happy New Year 1374!

    Today marks the first day of Thingyan, the Myanmar New Year festival. It is a time to wipe ones slate clean and prepare to start the New Year fresh. It is a time for family, and friends. A time for reflection and resolutions. 

    We asked some of our customers and staff around the country what their hopes were for the New Year, and the Thingyan festival. In this lovely video, they share some of their responses:


    THE WORKSHOP: Designing Robots... Part 2 - The Video


    We've already introduced you to our favourite robotic team member, but here's a funky little film showing him in action at the workshop.

    Many thanks to Hot Chip and EMI Music who provided the track Bendable, Poseable for the video.


    ON THE ROAD: How To Climb A Betel Tree.

    U Soe Naing is a landless laborer living in Whet Win Village in the Delta. 

    When there is no work to be done on farms in the area, he makes his living climbing trees. And he's really good at it.